Resep: Pork Bacon Fried Rice yang Lezat Sekali

Pork Bacon Fried Rice. Fried Rice with crispy bacon and fluffy eggs is better than take out and so easy to make! Why go out when you can have the best fried rice right at home, fresh and steaming hot right that tastes I make my fried rice in much the same way as this recipe except I use diced chicken, diced leg pork chop. Home » Recipes » Main Dishes » Bacon and Egg Fried Rice.

Skip the takeout and make your own (tastier) fried rice at home. You may never order pork fried rice again after trying our homemade version. Hmm, let's give it a try! Bunda dapat memaasak Pork Bacon Fried Rice menggunakan 11 bumbu dan dalam 4 tahapan. Begini cara menyiapkan masakannya.

Bahan-bahan yang dibutuhkan Pork Bacon Fried Rice

  1. Ini 200 gram of nasi putih.
  2. Siapkan 100 gram of pork bacon.
  3. Siapkan 2 butir of telur.
  4. Siapkan 3 Siung of bawang putih iris halus.
  5. Bunda dapat 5 siung of bawang merah iris halus.
  6. Siapkan of Daun bawang iris halus.
  7. Siapkan of Minyak babi utk menggoreng (bisa pakai minyak goreng biasa).
  8. Siapkan secukupnya of Garam.
  9. Siapkan secukupnya of Kaldu jamur.
  10. Siapkan secukupnya of Kecap asin.
  11. Ini secukupnya of Kecap manis.

Learn How to Make Bacon Fried Rice Recipe Please like, share, comment and/or subscribe if you would like to see new future recipes or support our channel. I made a bacon wrapped pork loin for dinner and had some left over. Not enough for two people, so I "stretched" it by making fried rice. The bacon gave the rice a wonderful smokey taste and the water chestnuts gave it that special crunch.

Langkah-langkah Pork Bacon Fried Rice

  1. Panaskan minyak babi / minyak goreng secukupnya, ceplok telur lalu diorak arik dan sisihkan.
  2. Lalu tumis duo bawang sampai harum masukkan pork bacon masak sampai matang dan masukkan kembali telur orak arik.
  3. Beri garam, kaldu jamur, kecap asin, kecap manis, aduk2 sampai merata, lalu masukkan daun bawang aduk2 sebentar lalu angkat.
  4. Pork bacon fried rice siap dinikmati boleh ditambahkan irisan timun dan kerupuk.

All in all, this is some tasty fried rice! For pork fried rice, frozen veggies work the best because there's no thawing or chopping. You can simply toss them in. While I love fresh veggies for my stir-fry dishes This pork fried rice really makes getting a takeout-quality meal on the table in no time a delicious experience. I hope you try it tonight!

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